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Emceeing Excellence: Orchestrating dynamic events and curating a platform amplifying voices for inspiration.

Entrepreneurial Vision: Infusing hosting finesse into entrepreneurial endeavors for meaningful initiatives.

Unveiling Unspoken Topics: Courageously addressing mental health, sexual abuse, financial challenges, and taboo discussions within the Black community.

Cultural Enrichment: Embracing Caribbean heritage, infusing cultural vibrancy into all endeavors.



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tfoundhervoice 1 review

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1 review
  • IBK

    From the moment I encountered Tanya’s platform, tfoundhervoice, I was captivated by the magnitude of passion and purpose she brings to the table. Tanya is more than just a voice; she is a movement, a powerful force for change, and a shining hope of inspiration and empowerment.

    I had the privilege of witnessing her remarkable skills firsthand as the emcee of the Black Business Edmonton One Year Anniversary. Her performance was nothing short of commanding, showcasing her eloquence as a speaker and exceptional moderator.

    Tanya’s ability to host and engage with a diverse array of events is unmatched. I’ve also had the pleasure of attending a few events she hosted, including the thought-provoking Deep Throat Conversation. Each time, I was struck by her genuine aura for engaging with the crowd, making every attendee feel seen and heard. It’s evident that Tanya is destined for greatness; I even told her that I envision her hosting a grand show at Edmonton’s Rogers Place, captivating thousands with her presence and message.

    Tanya’s influence extends far beyond emceeing. She has masterfully orchestrated dynamic events and created a platform that amplifies voices, bringing light to stories and perspectives that inspire and move us all.

    One of the most commendable aspects of Tanya’s work is her courage in unveiling unspoken topics. She fearlessly addresses critical issues like mental health, sexual abuse, financial challenges, and other taboo discussions within the Black community, creating a safe space for dialogue and healing. Her cultural enrichment efforts, especially her celebration of Caribbean heritage, add a unique vibrancy to everything she does.

    I would recommend her all day to host events.

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