Celebrating Success, Black Business Edmonton's One Year Anniversary

Ona January 27th, 2024, Black Business Edmonton celebrated it’s one year Anniversary.

The event was a resounding success, drawing over 250 attendees and featuring various vendors from the Black Business Edmonton community.

The evening commenced with a warm welcome address and introduction by the Honorable Randy Boissonnault, setting the stage for a night of inspiration and insight.

The event highlighted several keynotes speakers who shared their wisdom and experiences. Christelle Mokoko, Founder and CEO of Innova Circle, presented “The Future of Black-Owned Businesses in Edmonton: Opportunities and Goals.” Rehana Malik-Mbanga, CEO of When African Women Talk, spoke eloquently on “Building Stronger Communities.” Additionally, we received an impactful message from David Shepherd, MLA for Edmonton-City Centre, emphasizing the importance of “Collaboration for Impact.”

A notable addition was Sasan Karbasi’s representation of RBC, delivering a presentation on The RBC Black Entrepreneurship Program, further enriching the event’s content.

A highlight of the event was the Round Table Panel Conversation, featuring renowned psychiatrists and mental health experts from Alberta. Their discussions provided valuable insights into the intersection of business and wellbeing.

We were also honored by remarks from MLA Andrew Boitchenko, City of Edmonton Councillor Jennifer Rice, and Minister Yaseen, each contributing their unique perspectives to our gathering.

A particularly exciting moment was when Ibukun Orefuja (IBK), founder of Black Business Edmonton, received a certificate of acknowledgement from the Member of Parliament for Edmonton, Hon. Randy Boissonnault, recognizing his outstanding contributions to the community.

The award presentations were a testament to the talent and dedication within our community, with accolades given in several categories, including Entrepreneur of the Year, Customer Excellence Award, Innovative Business of the Year, Rising Star Award, and Community Impact Award. These awards were presented by esteemed leaders such as Okwuchi Nnani, Nneka Otogbolu, Councillor Jennifer, MLA Sharif Haji, and Sam Juru.

Ibukun Orefuja (IBK) also shared a compelling speech reflecting on the journey of Black Business Edmonton. He highlighted the exceptional talent within our community, offered insights into entrepreneurship, and spoke passionately about the vision for BBE.

Looking forward, IBK unveiled BBE’s plans for 2024, which include a Job Portal for Job Creation, collaboration with the Black Eco Systems, and a focus on Spotlighting The Black Youth Entrepreneur. These initiatives aim to bridge gaps, foster partnerships, and nurture the next generation of leaders.

We actively seek your continued support as we work towards these goals and uphold the vision of Black Business Edmonton. Your partnership and involvement are crucial to our success and the thriving future of our community.

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