BBE On Global News Edmonton‚Äč

Global News welcomed Ibukun Orefuja (IBK), Founder of Black Business Edmonton to their studio for a chat about our incredible achievements this past year and the upcoming One-Year Anniversary. It’s a true honor to spotlight the amazing talents in the Black Business community in Edmonton.

Black Business Edmonton at My Radio 580AM

My Radio 580AM hosted Black Business Edmonton in their studio, moderated by Greg Davis and Danielle, for an insightful discussion on our vision, upcoming plans for 2024, and the much-anticipated one-year anniversary scheduled for January 27, 2024. This special event promises an enriching experience as Black Business Edmonton shares its journey and milestones. An essential highlight of the BBE One Year Anniversary would be the groundbreaking round table panel discussion led by distinguished Black mental health specialists and psychiatrists. This segment aims to raise awareness about mental health issues affecting youth and entrepreneurs within the Black community. The panel will provide firsthand insights and support, fostering a crucial dialogue on mental well-being in this vibrant and dynamic community.

BBE At darcikinorganics Home Lab

A huge shoutout to @darcikinorganics for opening their lab doors to Black Business Edmonton! We recently had the pleasure of witnessing the magic as we packaged our beloved Buddy Butter for the very first time. The aroma? Pure bliss. The texture? Absolute perfection. At Black Business Edmonton, our mission is to celebrate and uplift diverse talents within our community, and we couldn’t be more thrilled about the incredible body products and essential oils crafted by Darci Organics. Your support truly means the world to us!

BBE 2023 Recap

BBE reflects on a year marked by tremendous success and growth. From its inception, our platform embarked on a mission to champion and spotlight black-owned businesses, startups, services, products, skills, side gigs, and events in the Edmonton area.

Key Achievements:

1. Networking and Information Sessions:
We hosted three impactful meet, greet, connect, and info session events that provided a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to network. These sessions played a pivotal role in fostering connections within the community. We were honored to invite representatives from the Edmonton Eco Systems to share valuable information about their programs, enhancing the scope of knowledge for our participants.

2. Digital Marketplace and Directory Launch:
The launch of our resourceful marketplace website and directory was a significant milestone. This platform serves as a centralized hub where the entire Edmonton community can easily discover and support black-owned businesses. The directory has become an essential resource for those seeking a diverse range of products and services.

3. Promotion of Black-Owned Businesses and Events:
Throughout the year, we passionately promoted over 250 black-owned businesses, shedding light on their stories, offerings, and contributions. Additionally, we supported and highlighted over five black-led and organized events, contributing to their tremendous success.

4. Social Media Milestone:
Throughout 2023, BBE has effectively reached and engaged with an audience exceeding 75,000 individuals across our social media platforms, generating over 250,000 impressions while also surpassing the significant milestone of 1500 followers.

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