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Red Roses Kitchen

Red Roses Kitchen would like to introduce The Jamaican fruit cake otherwise called Rum Cake or Black Cake, well known in Jamaica & the rest of the Carribean, especially around Christmas season but eaten all year due to its flavorful goodness.

This cake is made with wine and rum-soaked raisins, cherries, prunes or other dried fruit. Browning contributes to the cake's distinct dark hue and flavour.

We make it from scratch here in Alberta and can guarantee that even non lovers of fruit cakes will have a change of heart once you have a tiny taste.

Our new addition this year is the Jamaican Pineapple Fruit Cake it's a must try, extremely moist, fruity & delicious- Samantha's creation.

We offer some other traditional Jamaican sweet treats such as:

Grater Cake made from shredded coconut and Granulated sugar.

Peanut Drops - roasted peanuts in caramelized brown sugar with different spices.

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